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Domestic EMS

International EMS

EMS Rate




Express Mail Service (EMS)

EMS Ethiopia establish with an objective of providing accepting, transfering and delivering Mails in a reliable and speedy manner with a reasonable price.

It accepts and delivers

-          Original documents

-          Parcels

-          Merchandises

-          Spare Parts

-          Samples



In addition, EMS Ethiopia provides door to door acceptance  and delivery  services backed by efficient tracking and tracing system.

Service Station

-          Over 240 Domestic service station ( to be linked)

-          124 International service station ( to be linked)


Precondition to recieve and Send

To send

  • Weight the item in advance and get packing material from the counter clerk. For  the  safety of your document ,we have ranges of quality packing materials .
  • Don’t pack items by yourself; leave them open for inspection if it needs custom, medicine and other related inspections and get clearance
  • Don’t send fragile items. If so, we don’t take responsibility for any damage.
  • if you are sending samples for commercial purpose, attach a copy of permission license
  • Write full names of both sender and receiver .If it international mail, write city, state as well as country names. If it is inland mail , write city name, phone number and physical address accurately

To receive

  • Make medical inspection if necessary
  • Inspect  your item if it needs custom clearance
  • If the collection is made by agent:-

The collector must have original authorization agent ship paper



  • Items which expose employees for danger and /or cause damage on other items, as a result of their very nature.
  • Explosives and inflammable items
  • Sample sent in large quantities to avoid duty payment
  • All items whose import, circulation and export is particularly prohibited by law
  • Living animals, except bees, leeches and silkworms, parasites and destroyers of noxious insects unless from and to establishments authorized to send and receive the same. Singing birds and other animals that may be admitted conditionally and as prescribed,
  • Opium, morphine, cocaine and other narcotics unless sent for medical purposes  to establishments authorized to send and receive the same,
  • Obscene or immoral articles , articles bearing indecent or obscene print, paintings, photographs, lithographs, engravings or any words or marks or designs which are grossly offensive or indecent, obscene libelous, seditious or blasphemous
  • Articles subject to customs duty, except up on compliance with all applicable import and export regulations, provided, however, that consignments of serums, vaccines and medicines difficult to obtain and urgently required shall be exempt from compliance with said regulations,
  • Valuable items like cash and negotiable securities
  • Other articles prohibited by law

Working hour Head Office

-          Monday -   Saturday    8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

-          Sunday and Holiday10 a.m.  -  2 p.m.

­     N.B. – working hour of the regional offices de pends on a cording to specific environ

mental condition.

Address Head Office

Telephone        -    + 251 011 515 20 72

-          + 251 011 155 50 54/55

-          + 251 011 551 23 60

-          + 251 011 515 51 32

P.O. Box         5555

Fax                  251-11-551 29 99

Email               This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Addis Ababa