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Letter post Process


Ø  Accept forward and deliver domestic and international letter post items.

§  Such as,

·         Ordinary letter, post card, aerogram,

·           Literature for the blind and printed matter

(Magazine, newspapers, brochures, books, periodicals, advertising, pamphlets and small packets up to 2 k. g) 

Ø  Door to door acceptance and delivery service                                   

Ø  Sell postage stamps, envelops, postcard and commemorative stamps

Ø  Rent post office boxes

Ø  International replay coupon service (sale & exchange)

Ø  Franking machine service

Ø  Post shop service

Ø  Post restante service

Ø  Business replay service

ØAuxiliary services

·         Registration:-  A service which enables to obtain certificate of posting, present inquiry when necessary and when certified claim compensation.

·         Express:-  A service which enables immediate delivery by special messenger

·         Advice of delivery:- A service which enables obtain an acknowledgement by the office of delivery

Ø  Number of service station

·         Allover the country                 1240

·         Permanent post offices           746

Ø  Working Hour

Head Office                         

·         Counter Service          Monday – Saturday  8:00 AM– 7:00 PM

    Monday – Sunday and Holiday 4:00 AM -2:00 PM 

·         Post box                      Monday – Sunday    7:00 AM– 7:00 PM

N.B. Other differ according to specific environmental condition

Address Head Office

-          Telephone :-8536/ or +251 11 5152072/  5155132

-          P.O. Box               5555

-          E-mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                     Addis Ababa